Game The Shimmering Horizon and Cursed Blacksmith – New Version 0.45 [Ason] Free Download

The Player plays as a blacksmith who lost his memory, and fight through the dungeon by forging weapons with the materials he collected. All of the female enemies are usually very strong, you would be “defeated” quite easily if not careful. The H-scenes are animated, and fully vocalized by Japanese voice actress.​

Date: 26.09.2021
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
Version: 0.45
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Producer Corner:
Hello everyone. This month we have the just-announced Alraune come out and play. She’ll currently be exclusively in Endless Mode.
The whole saving feature has been fully revamped, including a normal saving screen, removing auto-saving in the dungeon, the Emergency Save and so on.
All these changes had a considerable impact on the game’s database, which will also affect your old save files. If anything goes wrong, please give us a heads-up.
More features will be added during the prepartion period for the next major update.
Now for something kind of irrelevant. Recently we bumped into some comments suggesting that what we’re working right now isn’t good enough both lewd-wise and gameplay-wise, and there are better games on either spectrum.
I’m sure this wasn’t the first time I heard this kind of comment, and this might not be the first time I explain it, but here it is:
Originally the plan was to release the game on Steam, so we wish to up the game on gameplay to make it on par with the majority of indie games.
However, after our project underway for quite some time, Steam announced that creators can release adult games directly. At that point, if we want to change our direction to cling to Steam’s new policy, the whole project might have to start all over again, and we won’t have what we have accumulated so far.
Even with the new policy, we’re confident that with the underlined restrictions it’s not that easy to just release the full adult content on Steam. Some sort of patch is definitely needed.
The Live2D animations and the voice acting are both a constant challenge to both me and my fellow members while trying to make Cursed Blacksmith a better experience.
I feel like I need to point out that this title has already been a great leap since my last game, The Succubus’ Cage, whether it’s on gameplay or art/animations.
Sure, if I want to make this game more lewd, all I need to do is make the enemies have some kind of sexual attacks during the battle, not just when you’re defeated, right? But we simply just don’t have that much resources to make this reality.
Sprites for 20+ enemies’ H-attacks aren’t easy.
Some might say that we made the game not arousing enough because we want to have it on Steam, but the truth is more like the opposite. It’s because we don’t have much manpower to do what we want to do for now.
I hope this explanation could answer some of the doubts towards us. And if someday we have enough… anything we need, and fans still like us, I believe we can do something even greater, more fun, and maybe hornier.
As long as this work supports our living, we will keep on bettering ourselves “Ason style.”
Now that’s out of the way, I shall announce that I am officially vaccinated. The fever was devestating. Not to mention my lingering back pain.
I need to exercise a bit more if I want to make it go away. Let’s just hope I’ll have enough time even to get up.
New Content:
・New Monster Girl added to Endless Mode:
Alraune (VA: Megumu Morino
・New object added in Safehouse: Dummy
Attacking the Dummy with weapons, Skills and throwing weapons at it won’t affect its durability.
Please note, however, that throwing and using items and materials at it will still cause them to disappear.
・Functional save feature added.
・Emergency Save feature added for temporary suspending the game. Can be accessed through the Settings menu.
Please check the in-game text for more info.
Balance Adjustments / Changes:
・Adjustments on forging and Skills:

Thunderbolt: Damage increased. SP cost decreased.
Raging Impact: Minimum duration of flames decreased.
・The game will no longer auto save your progress between floors. Auto save will now ONLY proceed whenever you return to the Safehouse.
・Various system optimization.
Bug Fix:
・Fixed the bug that falling into pits under certain circumstances will cause the game to softlock.

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