Game The Family Business: Parallel Universe – Fixed Version 1.11 [Nemesia Productions] Free Download

Info: This is the MiniGame Version designed as a Technology Demo of our upcoming game ”the Family Business”. In ”the Family Business” you will play as Alex, a 23 years old boy. He lived alongside a family that cared for him as if one of their own. After he finished the second year of high school the father of the family decided to sponsor Alex so that he can get a better education abroad. After completing his high school education in two years in a different city and living in hiatus for a couple more, Alex spent two years studying business. Getting a phone call from Nicole, he had to go back to the house he left years ago. Is Alex going to be able to reconnect with the family he once lived with? What has changed? What is in store for them?

Date: 21.02.2021
Language: English
Version: 1.11
Censored: No

1. Extract the Archive to a convenient location.
2. Run ”the Family Business.exe” to launch the game.

INC Patch:
Write ” 46616D696C79 ” to the code box in the settings menu to access to the alternate narrative. Code should be all caps.

v1.11 Bugfix
-Garage ”BUG” causing crashes should be fixed
-Phone Messaging Bug that leads to crashes should be fixed
-Going back to Main Corridor via Multi-Selection screen should be a lot easier and understandable now.
-Redeem Code section is altered, there is no place holder text in the box anymore.
-Redeem Code warnings have been rephrased.
-Dining Room ”Back” button placement is changed. It should appear in front of the tables legs now.
—As long as there are no new bugs to fix, this version will be the final and game won’t get any content updates—

v1.1 Bugfix
-All sound related sliders are working as they should now
-Text speed slider is correctly adjusting the text speed and can show dialogues instantly now.
-NTR Dream Sequence has a warning with an option to skip prior to it
-Decision recording/data collecting script to help future development has been removed
-Any kind of external connection, incoming/outgoing, has been severed
-The server we collected your in-game decision has been purged
-Disclaimer text has been altered
-Some of the hard pause(unskippable) codes that prevent you to progress for a limited time have been altered to be shorter

Hotfix v1
-Music Slider Lock has been lifted. Music level can be adjusted in game without problems.
-Text Speed Slider is now functional. It can be adjusted as desired.
-Data collection script has been removed and server connection severed. This will hopefully fix the ”malware” issue that has been going on.

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