Game The Benjamins – New Version 1.3 [480Games] Free Download

The Benjamins is a brothel building, business simulation game. You need to recruit girls, train them and put them to work. You’ll need to take care of their needs, train their skills and improve your relationship with them to improve their ability to make you mad stacks. You may even get lucky with a couple of them. Don’t lose all your money or game’s over. In the end it’s all about The Benjamins

Date: 16.08.2021
Language: English
Version: 1.3
Censored: No

2- Run TheBenjamins.exe

Change log 1.3
Angel: 1 scene, 6 images, 18 animation frames
Candy: 1 scene, 6 images, 50+ animation frames
Fast Food images for all 7 girls
Healthy Meal images for all 7 girls
Drinking coffee images for all 7 girls
Have drink images for all 7 girls

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