Game Survival Story – New Version 0.15 [Honengen] Free Download

Info: The Post-apocalyptic World.
Story begins with a short telling about the group of survivals who are forced to leave their location after some tragic events and start looking for a new living place. Together with a main character you are to get through many impediments and challenges, reinforce and develop a new Camp, establish diplomatic relations with other surviving groups, make new faithful friends, and win attractive girls’ hearts.
See if he can become worthy leader of his Camp and solve a mystery of the Past events.
Depends on you!​

Date: 15.02.2021
Language: English, Russian
Version: 0.15
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.


Added window for character name change;
Added a settings window with changing the screen resolution and full screen mode;
Added the ability to save multiple files;
Added bonus panel;
Added location – arsenal;
Improved social panel;
Added drone panel (drone upgrade option – work in progress);
Added drone control panel (includes local and global map – work in progress);
Added quest “Plot Help”;
Several new quests have been added;
Replaced completely the character “Sophie”;
Added bath events with Eddie (random morning event).
Added several erotic events;
Bug fixed;
The maximum character level in this version is 3.

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