Game Sunrise City – New Version 0.7.0 [Sunrise Team] Free Download

It’s the holidays and you work in a small store to save for your studies at the prestigious Onyx Academy. Not knowing it, you will meet someone who will change your life and the fate of the great but corrupt Sunrise City…
The story, which is currently in the 4th chapter of the prologue, takes place during the holidays of the hero who will have to investigate a strange group working in the shadows.

Date: 13.11.2021
Language: English, French
Version: 0.7.0b
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Added the first part of “Troubles in Block B” in episodes 1 to 3.
Added the clue gathering system.
Improved the replay.
Added several tutorials/helps.
Personal stories
Reworked “The Manager”.
Added “Miss Fix-it”.
It is no longer necessary to advance in Blake’s story to continue the main story.
Added “Wait for further events” steps in some stories to avoid trying to do content that will come later.
Added objectives that can be done simultaneously.
Text corrections.
Reworked the Investigation menu.
Added a new investigation.
Added the clue gathering.
Added the possibility to interrogate some characters about clues.
Added 3 new 3D backgrounds with their ambiance at different times of the day.
Touch-ups on Shop Street East.
Added a new character: Katja.
Added 20 2D poses (Katja).
Switched Ellen to 3D (normal and drunk).
Added an outfit for Ellen.
Added 152 3D poses (Ellen).
Corrections on various 2D and 3D poses.
Added Katja’s contact sheet.
Added 3 cutscenes.
Improved the readability of buttons when making choices.
Various corrections (texts, blocked choices…).
Fixed a bug when giving up against Taurus.
Fixed a bug that left Grace’s cocktails active.
Ability tree
Text corrections.
Added a new appointment, benefiting from more 2D poses.
Added new themes.
Added an option to not show dialogues for every choice. This makes it possible to go faster for those who try the perfect date, but Careful, you won’t get some events, so we advise you to switch off the dialogues only after you have discussed all the topics.
Added a fantasy scene with Science exclusive to patreons.
Redesigned the game display system to better separate the game elements and the effects applied to them (blur, sepia, shakes…).
New notification system (save, online contact, unlocked content…).
Added the possibility to save when quitting.
Updated the gallery.
Reworked the whole interface following the removal of a third party plugin.
New targeting system for elements in 3D backgrounds.
Added a shortcut for full screen (F11).
Possibility to change the framerate in the Options menu.
Implemented a safety feature that launches the game at its minimum resolution on small screens to prevent the game from exceeding the width of the screen and the menu from being inaccessible.
Tweaks for 4:3 screens.
Fixed interface bugs.
Replay is now accessible without having to finish an episode.
Added 8 new events.
Added hints when hovering over an event (option to be activated).
Added explanations on how the replay works when starting a game.
Added a tutorial in the replay menu.
Possibility to skip already completed content (battles, dates, shop and investigations).
Fixed a bug with choices requiring money.
Added 3 musics.
Improved the system allowing to play musics in succession.

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