Game Suddenly A Girl – New Version 0.7a [Draga] Free Download

After finishing school you wanted to start a career as a professional Gamer. But unfortunately it isn’t that easy and you have to spend all day playing games and practice a lot if you ever want to get there.
It would have also been easier if your Mother wouldn’t nag you all the time to get a real job and to finally contribute to the household. But your Mother’s patience is running thin and her new Boyfriend Jeff seems to work on another weird invention of his. He thinks that he made a breakthrough with it and convinces you to help him test it, let’s just hope that nothing goes wrong.

Date: 30.07.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.7a
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

New Content:
-Added Linda’s Birthday party event (It has three major variants: 1) Jeff has no control over you. 2) Jeff used the helmet on you once. 3) You are Jeff’s slut.)
-Jeff’s and Linda’s talk events at the party also have different variants depending on your relationship with them or if you are in a relationship with Hiro
-Added the third maid uniform + 3 new random events for the chores (you should get it once you are far enough into Jeff’s path)
-Added two new main story related events with Hiro after the birthday party at his home
-Once you got the helmet you can now use it to get new traits. To get new traits you need to spend “Trait Points” which can be earned by reaching certain milestones in the game
-You can now move in with Hiro if you aren’t living with him already
-You will now start to lactate if you get pregnant or have the lactation trait
-You can now do a pregnancy test at the pharmacy
Updated Content:
-Converted all of the gifs to mp4’s which reduced the game’s size by around 70% without quality loss
-You can now wait till nightfall on your phone
-Attributes are now capped at 100 and can’t go below 0 anymore
-Increased the amount of rent money you get back when you do chores
-You don’t need to solve everything correctly to get hired at the office job now, one mistake is allowed
-Edited some text on the bimbo-resist path
-Added an autosave function
-Minor changes

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