Game Striking Pleasures – Version 0.0.1 [Meteoroid Studio] Free Download

Info: You’ll take the role of the Protagonist, whose life turned upside down after some unexpected events in his senior year of high school.
With a year lost, and his football college scholarship down the drain, he’ll now have to face new challenges and approach this new year with a different perspective.
With no longer the opportunity to make it into a collage with financial support, it’s time to study hard and focus. To make things worse, his popularity is long gone, and even his best bros have moved on!
But not everything is terrible. It’s time to go back and appreciate the small things in life: New beginnings, new (girl)friends and a fresh approach over the school staff.
Explore your sexual preferences, dominate or be dominated. Control or corrupt, and bring them all to you, in the way you wish.
Meet girls from a wide range of ages and cultures to ultimately learn how to seduce them. Discover their past, and flourish their deepest darkest desires!
However, not everything is about pleasure though. There’s a murder mystery involved, and the blood won’t stop flowing until you figure out exactly who’s the culprit, and the reason behind such hideous crimes.

Date: 11.01.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.0.1
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

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