Game SIX – New Version 1.24 [Silver Sofa Studio] Free Download

Info: Welcome to a world of wonder and intrigue… Following yet another one night stand, you find yourself mysteriously transported and trapped in a world of mystery and lust.
Here you will try to discover as much information and all the clues necessary to move on in your journey, whilst forging lasting relationships with the local inhabitants, some of which just happen to be incredibly hot and happy to please!
This erotic sex game doesn’t stop there! Further adventures lie in wait for you, offering the possibility of discovering new cities and their inhabitants and even the chance to start a new adventure in a whole new world…
Your journey is only just beginning…​

Date: 07.06.2021
Language: English
Version: 1.24
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Kip sex scene
Freya voyeur scene
Quests system
Short tutorial during introduction
Move texts from Julla to Freya to ease player’s quest to find vegetable
Decrease number of times player needs to train before beating Kip
Decrease number of times player needs cut logs for Flotark
Update Reik’s texts to provide player with more clues
Update Inrahina’s texts
Update Freya’s texts
Update Julla’s texts
Update Queen’s texts
Update French translation files
Fix bug in delayed event at night
Fix bug loop over first fight
Fix bug image not found when night falls
Fix bug loop over Kip boat scene
Fix bug impossible to win second fight
Fix typos

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