Game Shattered Lands – New Version 0.60 [Blue Eclipse] Free Download

You awaken after an indeterminable amount of time as Tiamat, a Dragoness and heir to an unknown heritage. Emerging from the bowels of a mountain, you come face to face with the continent of Dilmoon. This world is filled with peaceful settlements of Humans, mysterious tribes of Orcs, ruins teeming with trickster spirits and scorching deserts, caverns, and forests populated with Naga, Goblins, Fae and various species of all shapes and sizes. You may not remember much about this world but there is a deep seated urge inside you, driving you to take these disparate and divided peoples and mold them in your image. How you choose to claim Dilmoon is up to you. Will you rule with an iron fist, casting all you encounter into debauchery and bringing whoever stands in your way to heel? Or will you use a lighter touch, showing everyone the joy that comes from the resplendent ecstasy borne of serving under your consoling caress? And what of your origins? Are you truly the last of your kind? A forgotten legend born anew? Answers, power, and unimaginable pleasures await you taking the reins, and starting the journey towards claiming what you know with the utmost certainty is your absolute, and undeniable birthright. Welcome to the Shattered Land

Date: 17.02.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.60
Censored: No

1. Extract to a folder and run.

Version 0.60 introduces:
-A brand new area, the goblin homeland of The Ovum
-6 new sex scenes along with 2 new bad ends
-The completion of Lil’s arc with her final shard
-And more!

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