Game School Game – New Version 0.921 [Sloths Command] Free Download

Info: School Game is a game with RPG elements. You create your character and evolve in a school environement. Learn skills, buy equipement, meet classmates, build your reputation and budget, be a member of the student council and various clubs, and improve your relationship with the head of the student council, which you may decide to replace. Isn’t it what everyone wanted in high school, even in student years: complete freedom of action?​

Date: 27.08.2021
Language: English, Russian, Korean
Version: 0.921
Censored: Yes

1. Extract and run.

Version 0.921:
New content:

The story related to the journalism club and Yuki Oota has been updated. Now there is an option where you can support Yuki. This leads to a chain of events with many choices and new mechanics that you can use to change the school and increase its depravity.
The existing female randomized NPCs were completely redrawn. Everything that was there before has been redrawn and has a new look.
Added a patreon code for subscribers of the Best Friend level. You can read about its privileges below. In addition, all the patreon codes have been changed, and the system for entering them has been improved.
Added two new breast sizes for female randomized NPCs: one is large and the other is very small. The latter is available only if you enter a patreon code for subscribers of the Best Friend tier.
The generation and appearance of new hairstyles has been modified: now, instead of the usual templates, a basic hairstyle is taken, in which you can adjust the length and color of the hair. There are 3 total lengths for 80 percent of hairstyles, and 16 hair colors for each, so this opens up quite a lot of different variations for creating a randomized female NPC.
Added a dozen new eye colors for randomized female NPCs.
Added freckles and moles for randomized female NPCs. There are 14 possible variations of them in total.
Added new accessories: two types of glasses for randomized female NPCs.
Added two new variations of golfs for female randomized NPCs.
Added the Futanari mode, available if you enter the patreon code for Best Friend. If you play with him, with some chance in your game, futanari can be generated instead of a girl.
Added pubic hair for randomized female NPCs that are generated with some chance.
Some categories have been modified in the randomized NPCS editor: it is now possible to enter the patreon code directly in this editor, and now there are several tabs with settings for more convenient configuration in the appearance changes category. It will also be possible to delete/add/change everything that is available for randomized NPCs at the moment, starting from accessories and ending with hair.
A new storyline has been added, which can become a good method of earning money at the initial stages of the game: when generating NPCs, one quest giver will spawn, which can give you tasks on bullies at school. For their implementation, you will be paid accordingly. The quest itself is completely finished and has several outcomes.
Now you can be robbed by hooligans. The chance of this is influenced by physical attributes, as well as your relationship with a particular bully. In addition, there are more than a dozen outcomes for this event, in which you can be robbed, and you can improve your financial situation.
Now, if you somehow aggress the NPCs, relations with everyone who is on the location can both improve and worsen. In addition, an event has been added for this innovation, in which a friend/comrade can start protecting your victim.
Now, if you have a bad relationship with a randomized NPC, and he is afraid of you, he will try to avoid dialogue with you by any means.
Added new interactions with NPCs: “Find out the attitude to”, as well as “Get out of the location”.
Added a dozen new reactions of bullies to you in a bad relationship.
Now, when buying any item, if it weighs at least something, and you have a clogged inventory, you will receive a notification about a possible preponderance and the consequences of this very preponderance.
Now, if you have already extorted money from a randomized NPC, the button with this interaction is hidden. In addition, the maximum reward for extortion has been increased.
Added a system for changing the features of appearance: by pumping strength, you can get a “Relief body” appearance feature, and by participating in fights, you may have numerous scars on your body and face. Getting these features of appearance also affects the attitude of others to you.
A new item has been added to the online store on the computer – a piggy bank. You can put/take money from there into it.
A new item has been added to the online store on the computer – a school backpack. By purchasing it, the maximum weight increases.
A new item has been added to the online store on the computer – a metal detector, with which your chance of finding some interesting thing on the beach increases.
Everything superfluous was removed from the grocery store: edged weapons and a first-aid kit. In addition, alcohol was transferred there. Now you can only buy it at the grocery store.
The module for changing depravity has been improved. Now the change in depravity is influenced by much more individual qualities of the NPC.
Added a new choice after winning fights, with which you can psychologically break a randomized NPC. From this choice, he will change his character to a weak one or a recluse.
The randomized NPC generator was refactored: now it works better, faster and has fewer problems associated with this very generation.
Calculation of weight, attributes, relationships with randomized NPCs, appearance and much more have been transferred to functions.
Added 4 new features to the cheat menu for patreon subscribers: three of them are related to the ability to give relationship/vulgarity points to Ayano, and the other cheat is related to the ability to open the editor of randomized characters directly from the cheat menu.
Information about the age of a randomized NPC has been added to the biography menu.
Many typos and spelling errors in the Russian and English translations have been corrected.
Fixed Bugs:
Fixed a bug that incorrectly calculated the progress of pumping intelligence in the classroom/when studying in the library.
Fixed a bug where the right amount of money was not given out when the right choice was made in the park during a date with Yuki.
Fixed a bug where it was possible to repeatedly offer Yuki to live together, even taking into account that she already lives with you.
Fixed a bug where the tab position was reset to its original position when making a purchase in an online store.
Fixed a bug where after a date with Suzuki, mc could redirect to the wrong location.
Fixed the ‘JPEG loading error’ error that was on some android devices.
Fixed a bug where if there were not enough guys in the school, the guy Meiko could not spawned.
Now candidates for the student council elections are generated at the very beginning of the game, which fixes some bugs related to this mechanic.
Fixed a bug where the gender of the NPC could change after some time of communication with him.
Fixed an exception that occurred when turning on auto-power.
Fixed a bug where if you enter the patreon code at the very beginning of the game, it could be forgotten by the game already in your room.
Fixed a bug where when switching to another map location, the activity menu was not closed for a randomized NPC.

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