Game RE: Hero Academia – New Version 0.22 [Double-H] Free Download

In the game, you play like a Pro Hero, a fresh graduate from U.A, who was killed in action but was saved by a mysterious Quirk and sent back in time.
Given a second chance, it’s time to hone your power, get closer to allies in order to solve the mystery of your future and try to avoid your impending doom.
You will be able to experience many lewd situations with your favorite characters along the way. Fair price for dying once, right?​

Date: 08.12.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.22
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

– We’re finally, officially finished with ‘phase 1’. Every new content from the next update onward will require you to clear the mall rescue main quest to access. With some small exceptions that shouldn’t affect your gameplay.
– Improved Tsuyu and Midnight’s nude sprites.
– 4 new Tsuyu scenes, continue the blackmail route and connect it to the main story.
– 1 new scene with a new girl.
– 1 new gadget from Mei after the mall rescue with some neat functionalities. Use it at the right place to unlock the scene above.
– When you’re visiting Mei, again, after the mall rescue, if you’re lucky, you can catch her doing some interesting things.
– 2 new locations: Teacher’s lounge and the Main Street. Main Street can be accessed from the Mall, or if you’re on the map, click on the space right in front of the Mall.
– New item: Grade-2 Slicer. This do nothing for now, but you can still collect them. There will be more things to hack from the next update.
– New item: Firecrackers. These consumable items will deal moderate elemental damage to your enemy when used.
– New item: Shockwave Disk. These consumable items will deal moderate mental damage to your enemy when used.
– New item: Mechanical Gauntlet. This item will deal moderate physical damage to your enemy when used. No limit on how many time you can use it, but it doesn’t come cheaply.
The last 3 items can be bought at a shop in the alleyways, after you’ve cleared the mall rescue. But you will be given samples of firecrackers and the disks if you help the shop owner with a little something.
– Fixed a bug where any combo with Jiro’s Quirk – Earphone Jack doesn’t deal any damage.
– Fixed some instances where the wrong fight would occur. Hopefully I’ve caught them all by now.

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