Game Pizza Hot! – New Version 0.3.c3 [Abelius] Free Download

Info: Pizza Hot! is an animated 2D side-scroller game, from the creator of LOK Rebirth (the first one… xD)
Jenny is a pure and innocent college student going to the big city to study interpretation at a top university.
Things don’t go as planned, and she needs to take a part-time job at a restaurant, to pay for her rent and expenses.
This game is a mix of various genres, featuring an actual waitress mini-game, that will evolve into a whaky free-use sim of sorts. ^_^
But above all, it’s a game about sexual discovery, slow corruption, and characters that you’ll learn to love or hate.

Date: 05.12.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.3.c3
Censored: No

‘Extract here’ and run ‘Pizza Hot.exe’

v0.3.d (cumulative from v0.2.d)
– Restaurant day 3 events.
– Kayla event.
– Three new characters.
– City map framework.
– Restaurant Restrooms and Grocery Store (intro events).
– MC starts the game with her canon appearance. You still can customize her.
– Dresser at Bedroom can be used to change clothes (needs to be unlocked with Kayla).
– Exhibitionism stat added (determines what Jenny dares to wear on a per-location basis, and also offsets the higher Lewdness requirements for doing sex acts in public).
– Table notes can now be clicked to move to their respective tables.
– “OK” button in input name field.
– Free Play mode pre-customization (the rest of breasts types are unlocked in this mode).
– Day periods (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night).
– Day/Period panel on the upper left.
– [Technical] Added failsafes to avoid loading incompatible saves.
in v0.3.d
– Initial game load screen.
– Save System: Savegame info is shown on preview.
– Save System: Savegames manual deletion.
– Save System: Purge incompatible savegames button.
– Character Editor: Auto-zoom on/off toggle.
– Character Editor: Reset to default/canon appearance.
– The “Purity” stat is now “Lewdness”, meant to be raised instead of reduced.
– MC starts with no name until one is introduced.
– Improved upper bar show/hide logic.
– With destinations bar opened, control is returned by:
· Clicking elsewhere
· Right-click or Esc
· Moving
– Map won’t zoom in to a location you can’t go.
– Main Title “Continue” button won’t show if the last save is incompatible.
– Compatible saved games are shown in green; incompatible in red.
– [Technical] Some variables IDs changed. Older saves than v0.3.b are incompatible.
– [Technical] Scenes loading time optimized.
– [Technical] Multiple NPC generation optimized (faster bus scenes generation).
– [Technical] Item visibility/usability logic remade from scratch.
– [Technical] FPS-Autolimiter is again enabled by default. If you disable it for any reason, make sure your screen refresh rate is set at 60 Hz. You WILL have issues with high frame rates.

Tags: 2DCG, Abelius, Animation, Beautiful Ass, Big Tits, Corruption, Erotic Adventure, Erotic Content, Female Protagonist, Groping, Humiliation, Old Man, Seduction, Simulator, Unity-3D, Voyeur