Game Our Apartment – New Version 0.2.7d [Momoiro Software] Free Download

Info: Our Apartment is an expansion of the concepts in the popular The Couch, rebuilding a lot of it’s features from scratch an adding a lot more.
Current Features:
Beautiful real-time 3D character and animations
Clothing customization of Naomi including sexy outfits and costumes like Werewolf, more coming soon
Customization of the male avatars colors, transparency, hats, face, and dick type.
Sex Sim gameplay with various speed and cumming options, groping coming soon. Sounds and moans that vary based on the intensity and Naomi arousal.
VN Style “Three Weeks” Animated and voice acted dialogue sample featuring an excerpt of the story
Modified missionary test dialogue scene and Updated Dildo Animation.
Final Game Features (Goals):
“Daily” gameplay similar to Teaching Feeling or Persona where you can choose various actions with naomi for that day
Story that takes place over a year starting from the beginning of meeting naomi
Dating sim and stats elements that affect sex sim gameplay and some dialogue
Wide range of sex positions, types, and role play scenes.
Large range of outfit options to mix and match

Date: 07.12.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.2.7d
Censored: No

1 – Extract and run

Changelog Version 0.2.7d:
This release is a small increment because not a whole lot has been added. Mostly it’s UI fixes and optimizations for the android release. Of which this should be more stable than previous android releases.
WARNING THOUGH, because of the way outfit items are loaded, the game may freeze for a moment while an “Outfit Preset” loads and other items may not immediately appear when selected. There’re no loading indicators yet, this will be improved in the future. Selecting outfit items too fast or rapidly rapping while an outfit loads may crash the game.
Random Outfit Toggle! You can now disable Naomi automatic swapping outfits in the settings. Want Naomi to live like a wolf girl? Now you can! While this is a QoL feature it may change a bit to avoid conflicts with story stuff in the future, but this should always be an option from now on.
UI Tool Tips! Among some other UI issues fixed, I heard this quite a bit from people, so now when you hover over some UI items, you’ll get a tool tip on what the button is. It might be a bit iffy sometimes though, usually after selecting a button.
SSAO Improvements! I finally was able to figure out why the better SSAO settings didn’t work and now that’s added. Resulting in a much nicer effect that was seen right before changing to URP a while ago.
Many UI Improvements! The first implementation of the UI had much lacking, and a lot of things have been improved! For example, UI scale is no longer enabled at default. And some instances where the UI would not change on highlight has been improved. More work is still needed ofcourse.
Ultrawide screen is fixed! This went under the radar for a while and I have no idea how long this has been busted, but given how it was related to an Android issue probably for a long time. I can’t fix these things if people don’t tell me about them!
TONS OF BUG FIXES! A lot was broken last build despite the many improvements. This release seems to be very functional fixing some core issues. Thanks to everyone on the discord testing and helping me find problems! It’s impossible for me to look through everything.

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