Game Lucky Paradox – New Version 0.7.0 [Stawer] Free Download

A small town disconected from the rest of the world, where you can enjoy a relaxing season and some interesting places. But there’s a mystery that hides this place, that will change the way you see the world forever…
In Lucky Paradox you play as a good-hearted young rebel in search of his childhood friend, whom he hasn’t seen for two years. Until one day our MC is struck by an accident that leaves him in coma, when he wakes up from the coma and he find a letter next to his bed with an Address. He recognizes the letter from his friend.​

Date: 13.11.2021
Language: English, Spanish
Version: 0.7.0
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

v.0.7.0 Summary of New Content
300 – 360 min of New Content~
34 New Animations.
7 New Events Added to the Gallery.
6 New Original Theme Song.
New Prim Story Content.
New Maxy Story Content.
New Mary Story Content.
New Layla Story Content.
New Yui Story Content.
New Charlotte Story Content.
New Charlotte/Yui Mix Story Path.
New Kaede Story Content
New Show Event for Maxy has been Added.
New Side Girl: Cassandra Vassandhra.
New Side Girl: Luna Blair.
New Tertiary Girl: Tomoe Raven.
New Gia Side Story Content (First Half).
New Secret Event for Maxy and Charlotte added (Threesome)
New Interactions Added with Maxy: Go to Hotsprings.
One new interaction with Charlotte.
Two New Interactions Added with Layla: Sleep and Night Sex.
Two New Secret events at Shogukuni Garden.
Four New Interactions Added With Gia: Talk, Helping at Work, Hotspring (Alone or with Layla) and Sex.
You Can Now Visit Gia at Sunset in her Room.
New Location: The Farm.
New Location: Cabin in the Woods (Only Available During the Night).
New Night Location: Miss Pumpkin.
All Shogukuni Locations now have Nighttime Design.
Calendar System is Working.
The Miss Pumpkin has been Expanded with: Gia’s Room, Kitchen and Old Room.
The Shogukuni has been Expanded with: Garden, Yui’s Room and Dragons Room.
Night Travel System added (It is now possible to move around Argleton at Night)
All Miss Pumpkin Locations now have Nighttime Design.
A New Halloween Decoration for Miss Pumpkin during Halloween.
A Hint Log addded to the Calendar: To help you find out about Halloween events.
A New Halloween Special event Added for Layla.
A New Halloween Special event Added (The Haunted Nights).
A New Costume Added for Mary (Catrina)
Special Costumes are Finally here!
A New Special Costume Added for Layla (Demon Girl)
A New Special Costume Added for (secret*)
Special Costumes has 2 Aditional Sex Animations.
Sound Effects Have Been Adjusted to Maintain a Volume Consistent with the Music.
Added 10 New Sound Effects.
New Hints in the Events tab has been added to Yui’s Profile.
New Hints in the Events tab has been added to Charlotte’s Profile.
New Hints in the Event tab has been added to Maxy’s Profile.
Cassandra Character profile has been added.
Luna Character profile has been added.
Some typos and text has been fixed.
More bugs have been fixed

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