Game Life in Woodchester – New Version 0.7.3 [Dirty Sock Games] Free Download

It’s a top quality Adult Visual Novel, Dating Sim, Adventure game being developed by Dirty Sock Games!
Planned Game Features
Main & Side Quests
A Popular & flexible game engine GMS2
Customize all characters Hair, Skin, Eye color using shaders.
Live2d for fluid and interactive animations
Texting Characters w/ In Game Phone
Quality Mini Games using GMS2 templates. Games like Poker, BlackJack, Arcade etc.
Inventory, Stats, Energy, Money, Dating Game Systems

Date: 06.11.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.7.3
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Mac Store Verification
The mac build is now verified with apple connect which should prevent any “Damaged” or “Unable to Launch” error codes.
Textures force a flush when sleeping and visiting map.
Texture groups reorganized for less texture swaps.
YYC Compiler build for Mac & Android which greatly improves performance. (Will look into Windows YYC)
Quality of Life
Dozens of spelling fixes, name triggers and relation triggers fixed.
Clicking Load Game now auto jumps to load in sub menu instead of save.
Camera now centers over building you most recently entered.
Visual Fixes
Lily 13-0 was supposed to be at Cass & Molly’s house, inserted correct new BG.
Updated game credits.
A few CGs fixed to align better with game screen
Map particles clear on entering new room.
Ocean waves now showing correctly.
Cars now fade In & Out properly.
Smoke Particles on Map Depth fixed.
Janice Arm & Eye Tweaks.
Bug Fixes
Settings default button now restores settings to default values.
Fixed sprite names causing crashes (previous hotfixes)
“Auto” button functionality removed for now.
When changing names in phone, now populates names based on current values.

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