Game Lecherous Village – New Version 0.2.7 [GameBear] Free Download

Info: This game is not about saving the world or slaying dragons. It’s about everyday life of somewhat naive girl in the world of fantasy and magic.​

Date: 11.12.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.2.7
Censored: No

1. Extract to desired folder and run.


Changelog for LV [v0.2.7]:
New events:
James 03 – opens the quest for unlocking witch events
Keira 03
Harold 10 [animated]
Repeatable: Pond 01 – available in the Noon, near Gort’s House
Repeatable: Pond 02 – available in the Noon, near Gort’s House
James and Ravena 01 – Talk to James in the afternoon after talking to the witch
James and Ravena 02
James and Ravena 03
James and Ravena 04 [animated]
Trog and Ravena 01 – available in the noon near the troll’s camp after paying for crossing the bridge
New maps:
Wilderness – still under development, but you can fight zombies and talk to the troll, just follow the new path near Borus’s house to access it
Witch’s house – simply a placeholder with the witch in it
Technical changes:
Added “Hide/Show Text” button to the right upper corner of Event Viewer (duplicates the CTRL button functionality)
Minor fixes

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