Game Goblin Layer – New Version 0.34 [Parodos] Free Download

Info: A man on a mission to wipe out every goblin nest (and with a serious goblin fetish) arrives in a frontier town… where all the men have all mysteriously gone missing, and all the women are becoming increasingly horny.
Will he ever be able to form normal human relationships with the thirsty townswomen, or will he lose himself to thicc goblin girls?

Date: 12.12.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.34
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

0.34 Hammertime-Edition
New Scene with Smith Girl! Animations! (talk to her after the 3rd dungeon with Gobsicca + after she has repaired your helmet).
Upgraded Smith Girls intro art while I were at it.
Added Town Hall Girl 3d bust. Actually forgot add Town Hall Girl 3d bust
Improved the aesthetic of some maps a lil bit
New town soundtrack, gonna move away a bit from the standard rpgmaker ost
Added/changed some more sound effects here and here, makes a bigger difference than one might think tbh
Adjusted some collision
Updated cheat room
I don’t remember, so probably nothing important.
—Whats happening with the game at the moment—
Next update: New small scene with Farm Girl + New scene with General Goods girl.
Working on continuing the main storyline soon-ish. Enter: Goblin Layer HQ + Amazon (not the company)(not the car either)(not the rainforest either)
Yes, there will be pregnancy eventually. Story just needs to progress a bit first.
High quality memes got posted on the discord.
Celebrating over 200* patrons by letting ’em suggest some scenes for the game. Will have a poll later
Working on xxxmas special, lets see if there’s a christmas miracle and I manage to finish it in December…
Do you remember those cards from Witcher 1? The one’s you got after ‘romancing’ someone. I want to add something similiar.
*Not actually over 200 anymore lol – Always a drop in numbers at the end of each month – still gonna celebrate tho

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