Game Framboise Dreams – Final Version [Pink Pencil] Free Download

Info: Franny used to spent night in a forest and she has a very weird dream …
Meet horny monsters, solve puzzles, get pregnant and find a way to get back from this dark dream.​

Date: 04.08.2020
Language: English
Version: Full
Censored: Yes

1. Extract and run.

Flip switch outside main double doors
Walk all the way to the left, passing the robot guard. There are three stacked rocks. There is a headband hidden between them
Walk back to robot guard. Click on it with headband. You will be allowed to pass.
Go inside past guard. There is a prison and broken typewriter. Under the typewriter there is a can containing a doll arm.
Go to the prison. There is a password generator, where you need to play a memorization minigame.
Double-click on a cartoon girl on the screen. It will show you the girls you will need to click on to advance to the next step. Memorize them. Hit start, click on the girls, and it will show you more girls to click on to advance to the next step. Memorize them or take a photo/screenshot.
Click start again, etc etc until done. There are four rounds you’ll need to go through. This adds a password to your inventory.
Above the password machine, there is a shelf with a wine bottle, boxing gloves, and a BDSM book. Take them.
Walk left again. There is a safe on the wall, and a girl roaming around. (she may be in a romm even further left)
Give the girl the wine, the BDSM book, and the doll hand.
Return to room with safe. There is a small sub-room in the center of the room. Enter it.
Talk to the two people to become a prostitute.
(Get railed montage)
After the montage, check the cabinet in the prostitution room (the room you’re in after the montage). In the top drawer there’s a whistle, in the bottom there’s a strange note (hidden in a porcelain bowl)
Go right to the safe room. Open the safe and get the cariage for the typewriter.
Go to the glass sub-room and get a wet buttplug
Return to the typewriter and install the carriage
Walk back to the huge monster. Use the buttplug on it. Then, use the boxing gloves. This will break open a door (blue steel shipping container) several rooms to the left.
Walk all the way to the left again. Click on the open doors. There are six sex slaves inside. Click on them, and they will follow you.
Go all the way to the right, through the double doors. You will be in a hallway with three screens to the left, with at least one door per screen.
At the first door(rightmost), blow your whistle. The door will open. Go inside. There’s a dino that will impregnate you. During the process, click on the sink. There’s a black key.
Get fucked by the dino a total of three times, or use the fast pregnancy button.
Move one door to the left. Use the black key on it. The door will open, and there is a shark man inside that will also impregnate you. During the process, click on the toilet. There’s a piece of paper behind it. Take it.
Get fucked by the shark man a total of three times, or use the fast pregnancy button.
Go back to the typewriter, and use the paper and the password to get the Executive Orders.
Walk back to the hallway with the doors. SAVE. At the far left of the hallway, there is a prison door. STAY ON THE RIGHT EDGE OF THIS ROOM AS FAR AWAY FROM THE PRISON DOOR AS POSSIBLE. There is a giant mantis inside that will instakill you if you get too close.
Once the sex slaves have gone to their doom and the mantis has emerged, go to the guard robot and present it with the Executive Orders. It will kill the mantis, and the explosion will open the third door in the hallway.
Walk through the third door to freedom!

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