Game Escort Forum – New Version 0.2.2 [Thomas Turbating] Free Download

The main character’s girlfriend, whom he loved very much, broke up with him and, because of that, he went into depression and fell into complete loneliness.
Cleverly, he decided to use loneliness as an ally and extract something good from it: immerse himself completely in his studies.
In his country, there is a kind of contest in which who gets the best grades in tests, wins the right to work for the government, as a public agent, a job whose remuneration is really good.
Thus, our hero managed to improve his life and stay in a very peaceful financial situation: having to pay the bills is no longer a problem.
Turning things around saved our hero from depression, but now there is a new problem: the tiring and stressful work routine.
He needed a way to relax, so one day, surfing the internet, he found the famous Escort Forum, a place where men could get in direct contact with Escort Girls and see the reports of other men who had gone out with them before to know what desires they are willing to fulfill.​

Date: 05.07.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.2.2
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Layout Changes:
Buttons for Game Jolt, Discord and Twitter were added to the Title Screen.
The layout of the Title Screen buttons has been modified.
When hovering the buttons, explanatory text is displayed, making it clearer where each button leads.
Additional Content:
1 New Render
A few lines of dialog to accompany the new render.
Fixed several typos in the dialogues.
Preface Completed:
212 New Renders
86 New Animations
The entire initial game story was completed.
6 New Scenes:
Public Toilet
2 New Sex Scenes:
Public Toilet
4 New Characters:
Mr. Augustus
Full v0.1 Rework:
56 Reworked Renders
17 Reworked Animations
The character Chad was replaced and therefore excluded, with that 15 renders were removed.
Mobile Version Optimized:
The mobile version’s animations have been reduced to 720p, 30 FPS. Thus, the game will run more smoothly on most mobile phones, including the less powerful ones.
New Animated Scenes:
Title Screen
Layout Changes:
The text font now has a shadow. This helps readability when text is displayed over a lighter render.
Buttons now have sounds when hovered or clicked. This makes it clearer when the player is interacting with a clickable button.
A button for has been added to the Title Screen.
English is the only language officially supported now.

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