Game ArronHD – New Version 0.1.2b [JimReynor] Free Download

This is a story about a typical guy who still lives with his mom and due to unexpected circumstances will have to help an alien girl. Traveling across our galaxy, an alien girl got attacked by a hostile race. Her ship crashed near the protagonist’s city and therefore having no other ways she escaped through the cave, which leads her to sewers and a secret bunker.
Other aliens are haunting her, wanting to turn her into a sex slave because of her species.
Right after shipwrecking, she activated an automaton, which was her only protection before she met Arron.

Date: 11.05.2021
Language: English, Russian
Version: 0.1.2
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

v0.1.2b 2021-05-12
Bug fix.

v0.1.2 2021-05-11
Time system – global changes.
Character sprites global update:
Sprites was reworked from 1 to 2 tiles.
Added walk, run and idle sprites.
Number of character frames was increased from 3 to 24 for all states. 96 frames in total for one character set.
All sprites was designed by me 🙂
Added new locations:
Fulsher workshop.
Sewers (very big).
Midle street 1/3 (no events for current version)
Added new items:
Flashlight (Market).
Adrenaline (Pharmacy).
First aid kit (Pharmacy).
Medical bandage (Pharmacy).
Aphrodisiac – can’t be used in current version (Pharmacy).
Some quest items.
Added realtime battle system. (Still working on it but 50% ready).
Added new characters:
Added new events:
Added first part of story line.
Work in Fulsher workshop.
Work in Pharmacy.
Jenice blackmail line (4 levels for current version).
Stephanie lust levels (2).
Mom peek events.
Beach prostitute events.
Beach lesbians events.
Side events.
Energy system reworked again.
Added HP system for MC.
Map animation improvements (watter etc).
Perfomance improvements.
Russian language support was stoped.
A lot of bugs fixed.
500+ hours of work

Tags: Animation, Big Ass, Big Tits, Erotic Adventure, Family Sex, Hardcore Sex, JimReynor, Male Protagonist, Milf, Monsters, Mother-Son, Prostitution, Public Sex, Rpg, Seduction, Sexy Girls, Voyeur