Game Anna: The Series Test – Early Access Version [AnnaSeries] Free Download

Info: Confused, alone and suffering from chronic narcolepsy you awake in the presence of the sadistic Dr Alleyne who informs you that you agreed to volunteer in her psychological experiment testing the humanity of artificial intelligence in exchange for a hefty sum of credits. That sounds like something you would do, right? It must be because you’re here and you don’t remember anything from before. So, where is here exactly and what’s your job?
The Anna series test is set in five stages with five different participants, artificially intelligent replicas of a real person. To push through Alleyne’s test and make it out the other side, hopefully alive, you’ll have to converse with the replicas. Follow their stories and make them believe they are human. The complication? Only one replica is needed to end the test.
Each phase Dr Alleyne will have you power down one of the machines. Removing them from testing and ending their stories. Sounds simple enough on paper. Flick a switch and turn off a machine. But you’ve got to know these women, their stories, their lives, seen their humanity. Can you bring yourself to keep flicking the switches? Can you separate their humanity from your own? Should you feel guilt for sentencing a machine to an unknown fate?
Take a psychological trip into Alleyne’s deprived test of mental stability to find out. Good luck Volunteer.

Date: 07.05.2021
Language: English
Version: Early Access
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

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