Game Amnesia – New Version 0.8C [Super Alex] Free Download

A man wakes up from a coma with amnesia. Can he recover his memories and reconnect with his loved ones?​

Date: 12.12.2021
Language: English, German, Russian
Version: 0.8C
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

+Fixed a critical bug that did not allow you to finish the task with the search for items for the board
+Fixed a bug in a first scene with Kate when choice “I want to make money to help Alexandra”
+Added notifications and sounds to the event with the search for items for the board
+Added task completion labels (for the current version) for all tasks
+Added progress in the task “Find out what happened to me” (for the correct passage of the game in future versions, I recommend replaying the scene with Kate, where they make a board)
+Fixed minor bugs with incorrect transitions at Free Roam
+Fixed a bug with English translation (menus, Tooltips, dialogs menu, UI, etc. are now displayed correctly)
+This is the first version of the game with full Free Roam
+Most of the code has been reworked and adapted for Free Roam
+Added a night period
+Added a money’s line in the inventory
+Updated the map for each time of day
+Possibility of full translation (SMS, Tasks, Notifications, Tooltips, etc.)
+Added the locations of the Hero’s House, Hospital and Shopping Center
+Added the ability to re-watch scenes from TV and some future special scenes via a laptop in the MC’s room
+Added all hidden images of special renderers to Free Roam. Now if you didn’t find any images in the introductory part – you can do it in FreeRoam
+Added some new special renderers
+Added the ability to use the found panties before sleep
+Story Scenes: 22
+Free Roam scenes: 23
+New Images: 650
+New Animations: 70

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